GStirrupThe Future of Office Space Patient Safety

There has been a growing need for safe and effective lithotomy positioning in the office setting. Since the early 2000s, many procedures such as LEEP, cystoscopy, hysteroscopy, anoscopy, endometrial ablation and hysteroscopic myomectomy and polypectomy have been performed in the office (and others). Through the use of standard OTC medications, prescribed oral medications and local anesthesia, or mobile anesthesia, excellent pain control has been achieved for patients during in-office procedures.

The only challenge of doing many of these procedures in the office was that there wasn’t an easy way to keep the patient’s legs stabilized and comfortable for extended periods of time, sometimes as long as 30 minutes. In traditional stirrups, the patient’s legs often grew tired and would shake.

Therefore, the GStirrup was born. The GStirrup has been in use since 2010, providing excellent leg stability and comfort for patients.

Many UsesSetup in Seconds

The GStirrup is a pair of cushioned boots, which easily attaches to your exam tables in seconds. To attach a GStirrup to your exam table simply slide the GStirrup over the existing foot rests. There is a hook and loop strap on the bottom of the GStirrup, which you would wrap around the footrest leg and attach to the hook and loop pads provided on the sides of the GStirrup. That’s it! Your GStirrup is ready for use.

Once your GStirrup is mounted, you are ready for your patient.  Have your patient rest her legs comfortably in the boot portion of the GStirrup and secure the hook and loop strap over her leg. That’s it! Your patient is now resting comfortably and securely.

The opening on the bottom of the GStirrup has been designed to fit almost all footrests on the market today.  There are weights built into the bottom base of the GStirrup that make it difficult for the patient to lift the boot off of the footrest.  The weights plus the straps make the GStirrup a secure and comfortable place for your patient to rest their legs during in-office procedures.

GStirrup FeaturesEasy Setup
High LithotomyWatch how high lithotomy can be achieved with the GStirrup


Patients with Hip or Knee Replacements

Patients with Low Back Pain

Patients with Arthritis

Patients with Neurological Conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, even Restless Leg Syndrome

Easily Portable

The boot is easy to attach and detach. Therefore if another provider needs to use the GStirrup it is easy to move from room to room. If you see patients at different locations, the GStirrup is durable enough to be transported in a duffel bag in your trunk.


All of the pieces of the GStirrup can simply be wiped down between patients or placed in the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Replacement pads and straps are available.

Added ValuePatients Comfort and Satisfaction

With this new multi-specialty designed boot your patients will experience increased comfort during procedures. When their procedures are offered in the convenience and familiarity of your office, it improves patient satisfaction. They feel safe working with the staff they are familiar with. Their co-payments are usually less than in an outside facility which makes them even happier (make sure to have your staff point this out to them when they are scheduling their procedure). The American College of Ob/Gyns is currently working on wording for incorporation of positioning tools like the GStirrup into their SCOPE requirements.

Physician ControlIncreased Revenue

As a physician with more control over the services you can offer at your office, you can get larger medical reimbursements resulting in increased revenue. You’ll also eliminate travel time to and delays at the surgery centers or hospitals and regain control of your case schedule.

Some states require that office procedural suites provide appropriate patient positioning tools, and the GStirrup fits the bill.  With the help of the American Urological Association (AUA), you can find out what your state’s requirements are. Level 2 and 3 office procedural suites providing anesthesia services or IV sedation can become more efficient with minimal expenditures for patient positioning. Metal footrests are inadequate, and expensive leg stirrups require changes to existing tables. GStirrup’s help to eliminate the need for an expensive procedure table.

Cystoscopy with Biopsy$ Gain Example

Get started with the GStirrup

The future of office space patient safety is here. The GStirrup lets you transform your exam room into a surgery suite in seconds.