GStirrup Gel Pad


GStirrup Gel Pads are specifically designed to fit GStirrup boots. They are easily secured in place by using the pockets on the gel pads to wrap around the ends of the GStirrup.

GStirrup Reusable Gel Pads are made of viscoelastic polymer.  The GStirrup gel pads are designed to be easily cleaned and reduce sheer and friction. They are a dry viscoelastic polymer which is recommended by the AORN standards.

Cleaning: Use of standard operating room cleaning agents. Long soaks not recommended.

Sharps: Avoid using sharp instruments that may puncture the outer positioning devices across sharp edges.

Warm GStirrup gel pads: May be warmed in warming cabinets or by immersing in water to make the pads approach normal human body temperature.

  • Do Not Autoclave or attempt to sterilize the products.
  • Gel pads should not be exposed to high heat or flame

Storage: Store pads flat whenever possible. Do NOT store in cold places.

Moving patients: It is not recommended to move patients while on the pads. Moving patients while on the pads may result in tearing or puncturing of pads.

Warranty: 90 day money back warranty against manufacturer defects.

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