Transform Your Exam Room TodayRevolutionary Medical Stirrups

Safe Medical Stirrups

The GStirrup creates a safe and secure place for the patient’s legs that prevents excessive moment during procedures that require a motionless patient.


Easily adjustable, GStirrup has +/-15º of adjustability in both abductability, and adductability. Additionally the heel position is adjustable to 10°.


The GStirrup was developed for compatibility and universally fits on almost any existing stirrups on the market, without the need for table alterations.


We offer a three month, risk free, money back guaranty. If you are not happy with how the GStirrup has revolutionized your practice we will refund your purchase.

Your Limited Time Offer

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GStirrup front view that slip easily over the heel cup supports of nearly all existing exam tables.
GStirrup boot mounted to an exam table over the existing foot rest.
Model laying on table with feet rested in GStirrup with foam foot pads.
The GStirrup mounted to an exam table.


With Coupon Code gstirrup2017